“The boundaries of the unthinkable are exceptionally elastic” (Claudio Borio, Bank for International Settlements).

In this first post, I explain the reasons that lead me to its creation, and the basic ideas about its “editorial line”, as well as, what I aim to contribute and receive from its potential followers.

The idea of this blog came up to me after my last conference about “Economic and social trends 2050” held in May 2016.

I thought to seize the opportunity to use the vast information I gathered after several conferences, to put it in writing and to share it with other people that may be interested in its content and why not?, to seek for their feedback and thereby to compare my opinions with those of potential followers.

As Economist I have always been interested in the prospective, to my understanding essential in a world subject to permanent disruptive changes, for both to lead companies, government entities or on a more personal level, to order one’s own life. To have an idea, though not necessarily exact, of what may happen in the future it is essential to lead any change.

In any case I do not pretend to write science fiction about what will happen in the future. According to a well known Economist, neighbour of mine, “the Economists that make predictions are swindlers” and, to be honest, I do not pretend to achieve such delinquent category.

The Quantum Physics Nobel prize in 1922, Neils Bohr, said that             ”to make predictions is very difficult, particularly when predicting the future”. My intention in this blog is not to become a fortune teller but to analyse the current trends to find out where they can lead us in the future.

To do so I will concentrate in fifteen separate issues that, to my understanding, are the key facts to give us some idea about towards where we are going and once all of them analysed I will allow myself to be a little swindler by performing a “divertimento” consisting of imaging what will society be like in 2050.

The value of my work, if any, it is not to be an expert concerning the issues presented in this blog but to dare, without being an expert in none of them, to make an analysis and to get some conclusions (my conclusions) about them. In these cases: all the mistakes that may be found are exclusively mine.

PS: at an early stage I will avoid to include my sources unless I deem it necessary. Subsequently, I would like to complete this blog with all the interesting reviews and links of both, articles and bibliography. I would also appreciate that my blog followers, if any, send me the references they may deem of interest.